Meet ParOneTV.

The best clubs have ParOneTV inside.

ParOneTV is a fully integrated merchandising platform that converts greens-only customers to multi-product purchasers with customizable content controlled by you.  ParOneTV works through a cloud-based app that streams directly to the TV of your choice in your clubhouse.  Now, you can easily show daily specials, merchandise sales, upcoming events and anything else.  Join the ParOneTV revolution today to increase the player experience and dollars per round.

Join the pro shop revolution.

The ParOneTV Box.

The biggest revenue booster for pro shops is also the smallest.

Pay only when you’re open.

ParOneTV pricing is simple.  Start at one flat rate and pay only when you’re open.
No contracts, no commitments, and no surprises.

$250 IS ALL YOU NEED TO START This covers the price of the ParOneTV box, cables, accessories and shipping to your location.

$200 PER MONTH PER SCREEN One price per screen per month. Pay nothing during out of season closures.  Put them in your restaurant, tennis area, and anywhere else where your members will be.

Everything you need in one place.

Running your pro shop is easier when your tools play nice with each other.  With advertising, promoting, and keeping your members updated in one application, you’re always organized and up to date. As your sales grow, ParOneTV grows with you.  Use only what you need today, and don’t pay when you’re closed in the winter.  Doesn’t that just make more sense?

CHANGE ON THE FLY Make changes to your screen anytime, anywhere.

SETUP STAFF Create additional user accounts to make changes to your screen when you’re not able too.

ADDITIONAL REVENUE Increase your dollars per round through the incremental sales of food and beverage, replay rounds, and merchandise.

BUILD YOUR BRAND Customize your screen with your pro shop logo and promote upcoming events and charities.

Join the pro shop revolution.