ParOneTV changes the game with a revolutionary promotional tool for the golf industry.

ParOneTV changes the game with a revolutionary promotional tool for the golf industry.

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Knoxville, TN – ParOneTV announces the official launch of their first product, ParOneTV. ParOneTV is a new digital advertising platform that streams content directly to a TV for golf. Through a cloud-based app, individual facilities will increase revenue and player satisfaction by displaying real time, customizable content. “The time is right to provide a technical solution that makes us more responsive to the growing needs of the golfer. We think this will be a game changer for our industry,” said JR Charles, CEO and Founder of ParOneTV.

ParOneTV’s technology serves two primary purposes for golf facilities today. The first is to create a better customer experience by providing critical course information such as weather conditions, cart path rules, and pin position. The second, and perhaps what is ultimately the most important upside for the course operators, is increasing revenue. The platform includes customizable widgets that allow a facility to show real time weather, sports scores, stock tickers and much more, all the while continuing to promote various aspects of their facility or store.   ParOneTV allows the facility to customize daily, weekly or monthly specials with just a few clicks.

“We are very excited about the launch of our ParOneTV,” said industry veteran Dwight Hansen, CSO of ParOneTV. “ParOneTV allows each facility to tailor their content to their own customer every single day. A facility can promote pro shop merchandise one day, while promoting a special in the bar and grill the next. The whole time, their customers may also see such things as daily cart path rules and pin positions on the screen along with the promotions.”

ParOneTV is now available at

About ParOneTV
ParOneTV is a Knoxville, TN based technology firm focusing on cloud-based digital platforms to bring customized content to the golf industry. Founded in 2012, ParOneTV launched their first product in September of 2014 with other products in development for 2015 and beyond.

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